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Electronic Digital Lock


The Carbine CDL SL8 is an electronic digital lock that offers the convenience of a keyless entry keypad with the key override for added security. With its simple and easy installation and operation, the Carbine CDL-SL8 is perfect for homes, offices, storeroomsand shops 

The Carbine CDL-SL8 enables a user to turn on vacation mode which automatically disables all user codes while you’re away on a break or during office shut down periods.  

With up to 100 user codesits passage mode via an internal turn button, a battery life of 50,000 cycles, and fire tested for 1 hour, you can be assured that the CDL SL8 is a great option to upgrade or retrofit your next entrance lock.  

Required: 4 x AA standard 1.5V alkaline batteries (included in CDL-SL8SSKIT)
Door thickness: Suits 35mm-51mm
Battery life: 50,000 cycles
100 user codes: 4 to 8 digits
1 master code: 6 digits 

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