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Carbine Alpha

Discover the power of Carbine Alpha, Carbine’s high security deadlatching surface mount rimlock. Fire rated as a primary lock* and is a true model of what Carbine represents, Alpha’s highlight feature is its superior and innovative deadlatching mechanism where by it offers a wider than most door gap, while still providing a greater level of security.

*For fire rating details refer to

  • Fire Rated as a Primary Lock*
  • Lever is NCC & disability compliant 
  • Superior deadlatching mechanism
  • Removeable cartridge system for easy configuration on site
  • Rotation direction selection
  • Hold back enable and disable
  • Lockable hold back function
  • Internal deadlock indicator available with double cylinder models
  • Interchangeable knob or lever
  • Suits 30-45mm doors
  • 60mm backset
  • LKW5 (C4) 5 pin cylinders (6 pin compatible)
  • Suits left and right hand opening doors
  • Adjustable strike
  • Concealed fixing

Carbine Alpha

Removable Cartridge System

Designed with the end user and installer in mind, Alpha has a field removable cartridge system which allows for an easy latch reversal for inward and outward opening doors, an easy internal cylinder removal for rekeying when required and an easy knob and lever changeover in the field.

It suits left and right hand opening doors and has a rotation direction selection which can be set prior to installation. This ensures the knob or lever will only rotate in one direction and is particularly useful for applications that require a lever to operate in a downward direction only.

Alpha exemplifies Carbine’s renowned commitment to innovation and dedication to delivering exceptional quality locking solutions.


Alpha’s levers are also egress and disability compliant, offering a 45 degree lever rotation to unlock the door and a lever offset and return on the end which meet NCC disability requirements.

Alpha’s holdback option can be set prior to installation and also features a lockable hold back function that when activated by the knob or lever it can be locked in this mode by the internal key.

When using a double cylinder Alpha model, users get the added feature of an internal deadlocking function where by the knob or lever can be deadlocked. It can be deactivated via both the inside key cylinder or external key cylinder.


Alpha also comes with a heavy duty external lock cylinder escutcheon with an optional 316 stainless steel escutcheon for corrosion prone installations.

It easily retrofits most current and previous Australian deadlatch rim locks* and is compatible with Carbine’s CDL7100-2SC-HD and NK2000-SC digital locks, the Carbine DS-RL1 door saver plate and all knob versions are also compatible with Carbine’s CGL-1BL gate guard.


High grade zinc alloy for the lock casing, knob and lever, marine grade stainless steel for the latch bolt and snib, has a cut resistant latch bolt and a reinforced strike with extended fasteners for increased frame strength.

Carbine Alpha is supplied^ with a 5 pin external CRC rim cylinder and a 5 pin internal CA-DL3 cylinder but can easily be changed to 6 pin versions. And, for additional ease it boasts an easy internal cylinder removal and replacement.

Available in satin chrome or matte black^ finishes

* New screw holes may be required when replacing some older model Australian deadlatch locks.
^Available on some models only.
Alpha comes with either a timber strike, metal frame strike, or outward opening strike. These can also be purchased as spares.


Carbine Alpha

Using the Australian Standards as a benchmark, Alpha has been rigorously tested by our R&D team.

Durability Testing

  • Lock testing to 500,000 cycles in multiple configurations (inward and outward opening latching, knob and lever models)
  • Key Drive Operation to 200,000 cycles
  • Internal Deadlocking testing to 80,000 cycles

Strength Testing

  • 5.0KN (500kgs) Resistance to static force applied
  • Various impact and torque tests on the lock, knob and lever

Manipulation Testing

  • Jemmying
  • Attack with a club hammer

Corrosion Testing

  • Alpha has also been corrosion tested for 186 hours

Innovation in lock design

All Carbine locks are developed in collaboration with some of Australia’s most talented and visionary locksmiths. It’s your guarantee of superior quality, versatility and ease-of-installation.

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