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Carbine offers a wide variety of Padlocks, Chains, Cables, and Hasps for numerous applications. It’s all dependent on what you are trying to lock.

Padlock Series

Manufactured to precision with the industry accepted C series padlocks is offered in brass, steel, stainless steel, protected shackle, and brushed nickel finish brass body with a standard stainless steel shackle. All coming in a variety of body and shackle sizes to suit the desired application.

The CB series offers a solid brass body with a hardened steel shackle with a precision brass pin tumbler cylinder, whilst the Combination Series offers the choice of a brass padlock with up to 10,000 possible combinations and the luggage combination padlock with up to 1,000 possible combinations and perfect for travelling.

Carbine Disc Padlock is an innovative solution that provides more security against bolt cutter attacks. This range of round padlocks is great to be installed on hasps & staples as it provides no real opportunity to get to the shackle with bolt cutters, thus providing added security.

The Carbine C series rectangular padlocks (Mono Block) are designed for specialised fitting situations. The horizontal locking shackle reduces the vulnerability of the shackle to attack. Also available in the steel body models offer even higher security due to the stronger material and larger body sizes.

The Carbine Special Application range is designed for customer situations that need more than a padlock and chain or hasp & staple scenario. This range was created to solve many common access problems to a premises, especially if more than one entity needs to gain entry, without having to compromise on key security or master key system security.

C Series

CB Series

Combo Series

Disc Padlock

Mono Block Padlock

Multi Padlocks Solution

Dual Shackle

Dual Entry

Trailer Lock

Chain Series

Heavy duty boron alloy chain. Designed for high security with vinyl weather sleeve. Accepts up to 13mm shackle.

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Cable Series

High strength steel cable with a vinyl coating suitable for locking up bikes, gates, and more. Available in 2 different thickness of 6.3mm and 8mm. Braided steel cable provides increased cut resistance to cut attacks. Accepts all common padlock sizes.

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Hasp & Staple Series

A series of extra heavy duty hasp and staples, with ten models to choose from. Designed for high security use, Carbine’s steel hasp and staple series are made hardened steel with a rust resistant electroplated black finish.
Various options available to suit all types of installation.

10 Models Available


All in one cylinder & hasp to replace separate hasps & padlocks. The Carbine Armadillo is a maximum-security hasp lock that is designed to suit commercial applications from securing your steel gates, containers, trailers, warehouse doors, shop fronts, truck doors, and even electrical cabinets. Structurally innovated to withstand up to two tonnes of force with a highly drill resistant hardened steel lock body, Armadillo comes in multiple product options designed to suit various lengths and angle mounts.

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All Carbine locks are developed in collaboration with some of Australia’s most talented and visionary locksmiths. It’s your guarantee of superior quality, versatility and ease-of-installation.

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