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The entire Carbine Window Lock & Patio Bolt range have been designed by locksmiths and engineers to offer modular security for a wide range of applications including aluminium and timber sliding, casements, single or double hung sash, awnings, patios, sliding doors, and much more.

Window Lock Range
Patio Bolt Lock Range

The Carbine Window Lock and C500 Patio Bolt ranges offer an innovative CBS wafer barrel system with C4 keyway wafer barrels, which allow you to run 5 or 6 pin C4 keys in the range with no extra drilling or modification needed.

Meaning these next-generation products allow you to have a single key for the entire house and offer a higher level of modular security for all sliding and general-use window applications. Standard LF keyway wafer barrels also suit the Carbine Window Lock range.

Stylish & Modern Lock Body Designs

Easy Installation To Get The Job Done Fast

Supplied With Packing Plates

Excellent Build Quality

Large Number Of KA Groups Available So You Can Choose Your Own Ongoing Key Number

Very Easy To Rekey, With Spare Wafers & Parts Available

Concealed Fixings

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Innovation in lock design

All Carbine locks are developed in collaboration with some of Australia’s most talented and visionary locksmiths. It’s your guarantee of superior quality, versatility and ease-of-installation.

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