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The Carbine Sigma X, an innovative restricted keying system, boasting a multi-broach system design with up to 1,024 possible change profiles in the one hierarchy. The Sigma X simplifies the master key matrix and puts you in control.

Restricted Systems

Have you ever run out of codes for a traditional restricted system?

The Carbine research and development teams in consultation with leading Australian locksmiths have completely transformed the approach to restricted keying design. The multi-broach system as opposed to typical key profiling expands a simple broach profile into hundreds of broach combinations as well. Simply choose a profile barrel and profile key to suit your desired hierarchy.

Manufactured to absolute precision, the Sigma X key blanks are produced by world leading Keyline keys and are made to 2.9mm thickness at the bottom for improved strength and leading up to 0.9mm at the top, making them easy to be cut on all common key cutting machines such as Keyline or Silca. The ergonomic key head design leaves plenty of room for coining company details and a hole punched in the key head allows for up to 18 colour identification inserts.

The Sigma X barrels are produced to the highest standards by the Carbine cylinder manufacturer, with over 20 years’ experience in the manufacture of precision key systems. Using the latest precision CNC machinery and stringent quality control standards, this ensures perfect operation every time.




X your normal

hierarchy limit

Design Hierarchy

Sigma X allows you to use the traditional hierarchy of a restricted master key system with the added advantage of over 300 times your normal hierarchy limit. With 1,024 possible combinations, you choose your hierarchy.


Sigma X complex design makes it much more secure and resilient against lock picking attacks.

We restrict the key blanks to authorised dealers, who are legally prohibited from unauthorised duplication.
The key design is protected by Australian and New Zealand law.


All Sigma X components have been designed by Australian industry experts to the highest standards. Sigma X range is manufactured by lock manufacturing professionals with many years of experience.


Coloured key inserts are available as a great visual aid to allow you to easily manage your keys and security options.

Highly Protected System

The design registration on the initial profile release of Carbine Sigma X is valid until 2030 with restricted key blanks available to authorised partners only under a signed agreement to protect the system from potentially unauthorised copying.  

Further profiles will continue to be released year after year with later design registrations, allowing you to continue extending your systems.
In addition, authorised partners are required to store key blanks in a restricted area, verify identity of end users requesting a key cut or copy, keep a record of all sales, and limit sales of Sigma X multi-broach systems to end users only.

Italian made key blanks - compatible with all common key cutting machines, no adaptors required

Locksmith grade. High precision restricted keying system

Includes construction key holes in each barrel

Includes anti drill-holes in each barrel

Complete Range of Cylinders

Barrels are all manufactured of brass with a satin chrome finish (CPL screen door barrels are only available in chrome plate). Barrel etching is available. Barrel types are available to suit:

+ 001 inner cylinder
+ CPF Fixed profile cylinders
+ CPL floating profile cylinders
+ Yarra Ridge sliding door cylinders

+ 570 oval cylinder
+ 201 rim cylinder
+ 530 lockset cylinder
+ PD (Schlage style) lockset cylinder

+ Whitco Sturt 7105
+ Kawneer 8466 cylinders

+ 570 hold back
+ Carbine residential lever CG3L & knobsets CG3K

Innovation in lock design

All Carbine locks are developed in collaboration with some of Australia’s most talented and visionary locksmiths. It’s your guarantee of superior quality, versatility and ease-of-installation.

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