Carbine - Acrobat

The Carbine Acrobat can be installed on metal hollow stile doors with a minimum internal width of 28mm to max external width of 50mm, making it perfect for all commercial and residential applications such as shop fronts, sliding doors, strata buildings including main entrance doors, office doors, entry and exit doors, showrooms and much more.

Product Configurations
Door Type

Hinged Door

Sliding Door


External + Internal

Concealed Short lever (CSL) and Egress Handle do not require an escutcheon.

Bolt Type

Sliding doors need hook bolts (short or long) and require the Latching Strike (CLS-FAB) to be installed.


Internal Deadlock and Holdback functionality can only be used when the Concealed Short lever (CFB-CSL) is used.

Multiple Product Configurations

Fitting Kits & Optional Extras
Latching Strike
Latching Strike Packer Kit
Latching Strike Timber Face Plate Kit

Can be used to repair damaged door frame.

Timber Face Plate Kit

Can be used to repair damaged door.

Patch Kit Mounting Inserts
Learn More About Latching Strike

Carbine Acrobat
Carbine Acrobat