Carbine - Acrobat

Model The two main model options are a hold back and internal deadlock version. Both models allow for multiple internal configurations.


Hold Back Model

When used with the concealed short lever, the locking bolt can be locked by an internal key in the retracted position. This feature stops unauthorised users tampering or operating the lock in a commercial premises or retail store. When the day is finished, the hold back model can be locked from the outside, however from the inside, the hold back model can still be opened to allow for an easy exit.
Anti-Saw Hardened Pin in Locking Bolts

For increased security.

Bolt Packers

Allows fine adjustment of locking on sliding doors. This increases the bolt throw when used with the tapered bolt on hinged doors.

1mm Adhesive Packers

When door extrusions of 2mm and below in thickness, installing these packers will bring the cover plate face more in line with the face of the extrusion, thus providing a more aesthetically pleasing installation.

Additional Mounting Points for Damaged or New Doors

If metal hollow stile doors are damaged from forced entry or repeated impact and consequently mounting screw heads are pushed through the metal, then secondary mounting points can be used. For new installations, if all four mounting points are used these increases the holding force of the lock. On sliding doors, when used with the latching strike and the face plate kit, this will provide even greater holding strength and damage protection.

Cylinders Integration

The Carbine Acrobat takes a standard oval 570 style cylinder with rabbit and special cam respectively, which allows the integration with existing mechanical or electromechanical master key systems such as Sigma X, EVVA 4KS or EKA CyberLock. To simplify the installation of the cylinder, the Carbine Acrobat uses a retaining pin with no screws, meaning no chance of damaging or losing a screw on install.

Types of Door Installation
  • Aluminium (min. 28mm internal width, max. 50mm external width)
  • Timber (min. 32mm internal width, max. 50mm external width)
  • Glass Doors (requires optional patch kit)

Patch kit mounting inserts (CFB-PF) required when fitting to a glass patch fitting or rear fixing aluminum door.

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Can Be Installed With:
  • Double cylinder (2 x COV-SC6R)
  • Oval turn snib (CFB-OTS)
  • Escape turn snib (CFB-OES)
  • Concealed short lever (CFB-CSL)
  • Egress Handle (CFB-EH)
Multiple Product Configuration
Interchangeable Stainless-Steel Locking Bolts

Reduces the number of models to stock that is required by an installer. The same lock body can be used on hinged and sliding aluminium doors, by simply installing the required locking bolt. Chamfered bolt aids alignment of door with frame when locking making for easier and smoother operation.

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Discover Acrobat The Carbine Acrobat is perfectly suited for shop fronts, sliding doors, strata buildings including main entrance doors, office doors, entry and exit doors, showrooms, and much more. Aluminium Doors Hinge + Sliding Timber Doors Hinge + Sliding Glass Doors Hinge What are you trying to lock?
Carbine Acrobat
Carbine Acrobat