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Revolutionary designed padlock to enable the use of two separate keys or keying systems. The Carbine Dual Entry padlock solves a recurring problem of having one padlock on a chain or on a hasp & staple with two different organisations needing access.

Dual Entry Product Specs

Instead of compromising your key system security, the dual entry padlock allows two cylinders that can be opened independently, allowing two different keying systems with the one shackle. This padlock is perfect in situations where the owner of a property, facility or premises uses the first cylinder and a maintenance contractor such as utilities, power, gas, or agriculture will use the second cylinder. Both keys can access the premises or property without having to be on the same keying system or master key system.

The Carbine Dual Entry Padlock accepts 6 pin C530 cylinders which are compatible with other brands of 530 cylinders such as EVVA 4KS or EPS master key systems or EKA CyberLock.  

64.5mm diameter body (32.25 mm radius) + 35mm thickness

8mm stainless steel shackle

Shackles stainless steel & hardened to 60HRC

Standard function as key retained mode only

7.93mm double ball locking

2 x 6 pin Carbine C530 cylinders

6061 aluminium body.

Made from 6061 aluminium body, made by Carbines own CNC machine in Australia and steel components hardened to HRC 60 grade, you can be assured that the dual shackle padlock is made for providing strength in security that is expected from the Carbine range.

[usrlist Security:3.5 “Endurance:4.5” “Weather Resistance:4”]

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