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Nine in ten mailboxes use
such poor security locks that
they might as well be left open!
Keep crims from exploiting this vulnerability to steal your identity.

Introducing Australia's only easy retrofit letterbox
lock that stops identity thieves in their tracks!

The superior-security
pin-tumbler camlock
designed for letterboxes

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Mailbox identity theft is on the rise.
For identity theft gangs it’s open
season on letterboxes everywhere.

Fact is, a single master key opens 90% of Australian letterboxes. Criminals know this, and are systematically exploiting this vulnerability to steal credit card and identity information and commit fraud.

Once you’re a victim of identity theft, it can be nearly impossible to get your life back. The personal and financial impact can be devastating.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to fight back.

Introducing the superior-security Carbine LBX lock

The Carbine LBX letterbox lock is a new superior-security lock that is not vulnerable to the simple master-key hack that affects most letterboxes.

Instead, the Carbine LBX is a C4 keyway letterbox lock — the very same pin-tumbler key system as your front door. This is far more secure than the wafer camlocks used in most letterboxes.

Three reasons the Carbine LBX is the smart choice to secure your letterbox

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The Carbine LBX easily retrofits into most existing letterboxes.

The Carbine LBX can be given the same pin-tumbler sequence as your front door (convenient: one key will open both!).

The Carbine LBX can be uniquely "pinned" to provide a master-key that does not match any other master-key in existence (ideal for apartment complex managers who may supervise many letterboxes).

Quote from ABS Survey
The high personal cost of identity
theft and fraud

Identity crime is the theft of your identity information or related financial information. Criminals then use that information to create false identities and perpetrate financial fraud.

In 2010-2011 alone, the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that Australians lost $1.4 billion due to personal fraud.

The ABS survey estimated a total of 1.2 million Australians aged 15 years or letterolder had been victim of at least one identity fraud incident in the 12 months prior — a substantial increase from the 806,000 cases recorded in 2007.

The Office of Australian Information Commissioner has stated that it can be almost impossible to recover from identity theft: “You may have problems for years.”

The common symptoms of identity theft

Common Symptoms

The lock technology that stops identity thieves in their tracks

The Carbine LBX uses next-generation technology to solve a critical
vulnerability that has plagued letterbox locks for decades.


Pin-tumbler design


Eliminates compromised wafer-cam key system thieves have master-key for.


No universal master-key


Easy-install requires only a simple retrofit


Convenience of one key for the house and letterbox


Patented Design


For letterbox-banks at apartment & office complexes, locks can be pinned, so property manager can still have a special key to open up all or some boxes